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Designer, Illustrator & 3D Modeller

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Welcome to my site. Here you’ll find what I hope is a compelling argument to start working with me, whether as a freelance contractor or an employee. I believe that my resume and portfolio will somehow convince you that I’ll fulfill your particular needs better than what I’m convinced is a pool of perfect, qualified, almost angelic super-beings who have also gotten their feet in the proverbial door.

I’ll be honest, writing about myself isn’t one of my strengths. I don’t find much passion in it, and I’ve never really found that specific string of words that I feel accurately describes me. Tell you what though, I do love data visualizations, so instead of using words, I’ll use some handy graphs to describe to you who I am.





      Misc. Skills

      Workload v. Humor


      Feb. 2015 – Present

      Originally hired as the daily Classifieds section layout designer, I quickly added comics layout, ad production, publication design, email campaign design, event collateral production, product branding, and entry-level IT support to my list of responsibilities during my time here.

      May 2015 – Present

      My startup that I founded with some colleagues of mine from college. We focused our creative services on Graphic Design, Illustration, and 3D Printing.

      June 2010 – Feb. 2015

      My freelance career has provided experience with everything from CAD Modeling to Costuming to Jewelry Design, however the primary services I typically provide are Branding & Identity Design and Illustration.


      Co-Founder – Baustrom


      Advertising Director – Bozeman Daily Chronicle


      Professor – Montana State University